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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

YulgangSEA Is Going OBT Tomorrow!!! 9th JULY 09

Folks...The time for waiting is almost over...the start of YulgangSEA Open Beta Testing commences tomorrow, 9th July 2009, at 3pm.

For those who had signed up earlier, you get to utilize your Yulgang Cash now (all 20,000 of it) and purchase the most desirable in-game items at the Cash Shop in the Yulgang World.

What’s more, you will get to keep your in-game nick (IGN) when you reach Level-20, plus whatever purchased-items during gameplay.
That means you will get to keep what you purchased inside your character’s inventory.
How’s that for a head-start in your conquest of the Yulgang world? It's our way of welcoming all to the mystical of martial law and fantasy...Welcome to the World of YulgangSEA!!!

Here are some suggestions of what to purchase at Cash Shop with your 20,000 Yulgang Cash!!!

The Recommended & Top 10 Most Desirable Items that you can purchase with your 20,000 Yulgang Cash at YulgangSEA Cash Shop:

1. Healing Salve Package (Restores health to maximum)

2. Ginseng (Restores CHI (mana) power to maximum)

3. Lion's Roar ('SHOUT' function tool – useful for summoning the clan or to let everyone hear you)

4. Pill of Combat Discipline (Increases attacking powers by 10% for 1 hour)

5. Hair Dye (Changes your character’s hair color, prefect for matching the style you want)

6. Charm of Transport (The ability to teleport to a selected house member)

7. Elixir of Infinite CHI (Doubles the amount of CHI)

8. Chromatic Pill (Attack & Defense Increases by +10%, Weapon +2, Armor +1, increase health by 300 for 1 hour)

9. The Great Absolute Pill (Attack & Defense increases by +15%, Health & Mana +300 and +10% EXP for 4 hours)

10. Fluoride Enhance Charm (Randomly enchants armor or weapon from +1 to +3, and protects equipment if failed)

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