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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to annoy the heck out of the Banshee mob (if you meet one) Part 1

1.Lets start with the obvious, being a level-75 character.

2.Dying their hair green, and then stringing it with popcorn to resemble a Christmas tree…

3. Putting them all in a room with Michael Jackson.

4. Telling them that they’re dead over and over again.

5. Telling them that they are dead-floating NPCs

6. Shaving their head bald and wiping the smirk on their faces.

7. Drawing eyelashes on them, but leave the eyes out on their faces

8. Compare them to the Damned Queen Yuna.

9. Lock yourself in a room with Yuna, and dance around yelling “Banshee! Banshee! Banshee!”

10. Telling the Banshee mob that the animals fought better than their floating-attacks

Folks, remember to send in your entries for the YulgangSEA “I Had an Encounter with a Yulgang Ghost” Contest (, and don't forget to level up your characters beyond level-30 to meet the Banshee Mob. If should any of you met the "ghosts" during the viral campaign happened 2-weeks ago, do send in your "encounter" with them (pictures taken with them or video shots if any) and win great prizes!.

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