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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Past 4-days of Interrupted Yulgang gameplay experience

Hmm...Due to unforseen circumstances, coudn't login to Yulgang servers here...frequently disconnected...

Read a blog entry ( which is quite funny and mind-opening...

Watching an american movie in a local cineplex.

American actor exclaimes : "Holy cow"

Malaysian audience: Kenapa mat salleh tu kata lembu suci??

American actor exclaimes: "Holy shit"

Malaysian audience: Kenapa mat salleh tu kata tahi suci??

American actor: "I think we need to make a break for it"!

Malaysian audience: Dia nak patah apa ah?

American Actor: "Your place or mine?"

Malaysian audience: Dia orang ni tada rumah kah?

What if Yulgang is in *BM...would it make any sense then when we play it in BM?...

*BM = Bahasa Malaysia, the official national language of Malaysia.

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