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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Seasons' Greetings from Yulgang

It has been a couple of crazy weeks prior to the ending of this month, with massive game patches and game activities to game exhibitions. The year 2009 has been a great year for Yulgang, from the crazy "haunting" launch to the fantastic prize-money give-aways...and the superb in-game activities that has been presented to all. As we embrace the new year with enthusiasm and valor, don't forget to cherish your loved ones and friends, also, your FRIENDS in the Yulgang world as well...send them a note or a wish, and wish them a merry year ahead and may the festive season bring joy to all. Here's one from the author, wishing all a Merry X'mas and a VERY Happy New Year!

Seasons' Greetings as we sing Auld Lang Syne to year 2009 and welcome year 2010 with hope, joy and excitement y'all!

Look at me!...I'm in a Santarina Costume!

Aaaack!...too much X'mas turkey...I'm all poofed up in Snowman outfit now!

Check out my new reindeer suit!

Let's heat things up in my Hawaiian costume!

Baah..this is what I'll be wearing to embrace Year 2010...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From a GhostFace Killah to an Angel (Quite Literally)...

Hi ALL!!! I returned as a spanking new NINJA character now!!!

And POOF! I changed my costume! (Available via CASH SHOP) Check out my new hairdo and hair-piece!

Ain't it cute?...A MOUSIE!!!...AAAaaaaaaand...I really have no idea what's the purpose, but it looked CUTE!

I'm gorgeous!

AAAaaaaaaaand POOF! Check out my brand new HAWAIIAN OUTFIT!!!

Don't I look nasty with twin-daggers and in my spanking new HAWAIIAN outfit???

Check out my nasty look in the all new Winter Coat! Don't mess with the Princess!!!

TeeHEEHEE!!! I'm Sooooooooo gorgeous!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Costume - Winter Coat

The cold NOVEMBER RAIN is no more now...

It's the CHILLING DECEMBER or the month of merriment!

Feeling a bit chilly this winter?

New Winter Coats are now released to keep you all warm and fuzzy while you hunt at the new map - The Northern Ice Palace!!!

Check this out!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GhostFace Killah Roaming Alone



Errm...where is everybody?....-_-|||...>____

Koff! Koff! It's dusty in here...

K...Better zip outta here and find me some playas to kill!

Wait...should i change into another costume?...some fancy Armani suits perhaps?...hmm...X'Mas still a long way to go...

HEY OLD MAN! U got anything fancy for meh???

No doubt halloween's over and everyone's all suited up in fancy, waay fancy costumes, but i kinda liked what i'm suited in now. It's authentically special compared to the other pugilists suited with the traditional martial arts costumes. Best of all, i am very hard to find. To screencap me if u happen to bump into me. HAHAHA!

Maybe by the time jingle-bells month arrives, i might change into santa costume or a cowboy costume and have a merry go around in yulgang world!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4th SGD$1000 YulgangSEA Winner!

Congratulations to Ms Tee Wee Fong aka WindEvolution, an avid gamer and hardcore-Yulgang fan.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet Our Malaysian Yulgang S$1000 Winner!!!

Congratulations to Mr. Lim Chin Fu aka Jenovah, our 1st Malaysian YulgangSEA S$1000 winner.


Read about it in this special interview available via this link:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meet our 1st $1,000 YulgangSEA Winner!

Congratulations to Xie Jin Rong aka HyperKnight

HyperKnight of THE ORDER, House of RegulusKnights

More winners coming our way!

Play YULGANG and Win Up to S$15,000 Cash!

Dear Pugilists,

To thank all of you for your valuable support as well as to commemorate the opening of our Yulgang Online Cash Shop, we’re giving you the chance to walk away with cold, hard cash, just for playing Yulgang Online!

Starting from 17th September 2009, we’ll be rewarding one well-deserving player with S$1,000 (SGD$) cash every 2 weeks! These fortnightly giveaways will lead to our grand draw in December, during which 1 Ultimate Winner will bring home a whopping S$10,000!

Refer to this link at

for complete details and rules and regulations!

Monday, October 26, 2009

This coming weekend...

My character will transform into the might of the ghastly via the spiritual powers.

Halloween is upon us this weekend, and we're gonna have a party! the Yulgang World, that me as i transform into my skeleton costume over here!


Getting ready to fit into my tight skeleton suit!

One more! Two more!

OK. I think i'm ready!


Yar. I think i'm definitely ready!


DANG! I'm skinny as hell!

Behold my evil look of death!