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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Could It Be???....The GHOST of MJ???

*Possible Ghost of MJ (eyes and nose dropped off somewhere back home at Neverland) spotted here, whacking an archer senseless.
MJ Ghost: YIHEE!

IS the late *King of Pop still roaming his ranch in Neverland?

Nopey…he is still wandering around with a Banshee ghost…here in the Klang Valley!!!

A video of Michael Jackson's 'ghost', currently being widely circulated on the Internet, were also shown having “him” roaming the streets of the Klang Valley, crossing roads and walking furiously.

No one at the scene had noticed the supposed ghost, but plenty of ^KPCs were caught mouths gaping and stunned when they realized what hit them while having their meal. This 'ghost' video has garnered steady hits on YouTube (and the site now – crashed, due to the high traffic, and fans worldwide are debating whether the ghost of the late King of Pop is really haunting Neverland or being attracted to the famous foodstalls in the Klang Valley.

This apparent sighting is the latest in a slew of strange rumours to emerge following Jackson's death. Michael Jackson is not the first celebrity ghost to be spotted. A variety of the “POCONG” ghosts can be seen roaming the streets of Skudai, Bukit Mertajam and Ipoh as well.

The coffin was being taken to an unknown location and would not return to the cemetery in the Hollywood Hills where it had started the day. That, perhaps, made MJ hungry and anxious to pop out of his coffin and time-warped himself to be with a local “ghost” on a sight-seeing trip here in Malaysia, and passing on YULGANGSEA flyers and stickers as well.

*The story here is PURELY Fictitious, and were based on the facts and findings from the YulgangSEA archive. For more info, logon to for more details.

The Banshee Ghost and *Ghost of MJ roaming the streets of Klang Valley.

^KPCs- Keh Poh Chis, busybody in hokkien.

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