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Monday, July 27, 2009

New GHOST Discovered in the DESOLATE LANDS of YULGANG!!!

OK...I'm sooo slagged right now, 'coz this NEW character NPC here apparently a GHOST...hmm....a NEW species of ghost discovered...I wonder...can I win a *PRIZE with that?

She's a pretty decent lookin' ghost with nice costumes and all...a farcry from the boring YUNA and the Banshee Mob though... alwiz, DEAD...kicking sand into my face...and not touching the grounds as well T_T >___<"!!!


Hmmmkay...1 giant-spider coming right up.

A FEW giant-spiders in DIFFERENT color-schemes coming right up...interesting...

OKaaaaaaaaay...nasty-lookin' purple spider coming my way...should I dodge?...can I dodge?...Really creepy-lookin' big-nasty charging at me NOW!!!!...

Oh b@**z...I'm surrounded by spiders in technicolor...I'm soooooooo dead.

This purple dude-spider just trampled me all over...yep...100% DIE HARD.

Yep...Laff it out, spider-dude.

Run all you can...I may be dead, but I will resurrect. Don't turn your back on me, I WILL Slag yer'all!!!

How to get PEOPLE to talk about...

THIS GAME????????????????????>.................

Care to share?....

Reply in the comments section please!!!!

A hazy morning in the lost world of Yulgang - Desolate Lands

It's a hazy morning to in the desolate lands of the mysterious Yulgang world.

Yep. The sun's shining, but like in real life, it's hazy and smoggy here too.

It's smoggy and hazy as far as the eye could see.


It's HAZE...not clouds...I wonder how's the weather at the place y'all playing in now?

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Desolate Lands - The Magnificent Shrine

An epic journey into the unknown...all by myself...vast lands of uncertainty but definitely pure bliss...'CAUSE there's freakin' no one here to disturb ME!!! Woohoo!!!sans the super-hi-level NPC monsters and VERY powerful clans...-_-"...

Bump that, I am still having one hell of a fun time visiting this epic vast lands and the magnificently beautiful buildings and shrines.

Behold...The Shrine of CHAOS

The "ANCIENT" of CHAOS stands waiting inside the shrine...too bad I am not qualifed to go in at meet him yet...-_-"...

Oh well, time to strike a pose and give y'all anepic picture for the road!!!


For once, my character here need not to DIE in order to bring y'all these special pictures...woohhooo!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

David Copperfield Great Wall Magic - Yulgang Edition

Remember David Copperfield's 1990 Great Wall of China conquest?...well...this is my take on it, and what its like to run thru walls...with my Yulgang character, that is.
Inside the wall.

View from the side.

See y'all on the other's not just *Another Brick On The Wall.

*The famous Pink Floyd hit.

Even when going through walls, STRIKE A POSE, for this is forever greatness!!!

A wallflower I am not.

Lord of The Rings - Yulgang Edition

Another mysterious encounter, this time it's the Lord Of The Rings version...
The tree-monsters are everywhere in this map, all very high level, i attempted to attack it, but failed...the tree-monsters can instill death immediately by just turning around near your character...the've guessed it character died...and I am sacrificing massive levels to bring y'all these exclusive pictures.

First encounter with the tree-monsters.

Tree-monsters noticed me...time to make a break for it!!!

OK..the whole gang is charging towards me now...really...MAKE LIKE A TREE...& LEAVE!!!




Meeting The Jade Emperor

Let's just put is this way, the Yulgang server maintenance had somehow transported my character into a parallel Yulgang-universe where NO PLAYERS exists...only VERY HIGH LEVEL NPCs...from crabby-things (you read that right) to humongous spiders, to walking tree-monsters to big hulking things (don't really know how to describe the NPC) to ninja-assasins and bulky beef-cakes, all serving up massive doses of whoop-a$$ and attitude adjustments (AA-treatment) by just touching your Yulgang character.

This strange phenomenom, is a blessing in disguise for me, as I can explore this strange world, uninterrupted, and ALL BY MYSELF!!!...hence, I did a tour of STRANGE YULGANG WORLD and snapped quite a few interesting pix to go along with it.

Day 1 of my journey - My character's name is VYROTRONIX.

Meeting The Jade Emperor.

Epic, ain't it?...3 Jade-Emperor statuettes, 1 got hacked and fell, 2 remain standing.

One Shall Stand, One Shall this case, fell. very powerful NPC is roaming this area...apparently with a HUGE sword...-_-"...

Paid my respects to the Jade Emperor, and took this epic picture.

So where have you been to lately?...

Left For Dead Yulgang Edition

Quite literally, since those warriors just brushed me aside and my character ends up dead.

Left for dead...apparently...without giving a **** about my character T_T.

How to annoy the heck out of the Banshee mob (if you meet one) Part 2

1. Steal the Banshee mob's robe

2. Steal the Banshee mob's robe and use it to make coffee-filters

3. Splash the filtered coffee onto the faces of the Banshees' white faces

4. Sell the soiled robes as rare in-game items at Yulgang Cash Shop.

5. Sell the soiled robes on eBay.

6. Tie the naked Banshees up in your basement and sell video tapes of them on eBay.

7. Tie the naked Banshees up in your basement for your own personal amusement.

8. Tying the naked Banshees up and taunting them, whack them during Halloween party.

9. Sell BANSHEES on eBay.

10. Make Banshees cry... (Good luck there...they gots no freakin' EYES.)




Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to annoy the heck out of the Banshee mob (if you meet one) Part 1

1.Lets start with the obvious, being a level-75 character.

2.Dying their hair green, and then stringing it with popcorn to resemble a Christmas tree…

3. Putting them all in a room with Michael Jackson.

4. Telling them that they’re dead over and over again.

5. Telling them that they are dead-floating NPCs

6. Shaving their head bald and wiping the smirk on their faces.

7. Drawing eyelashes on them, but leave the eyes out on their faces

8. Compare them to the Damned Queen Yuna.

9. Lock yourself in a room with Yuna, and dance around yelling “Banshee! Banshee! Banshee!”

10. Telling the Banshee mob that the animals fought better than their floating-attacks

Folks, remember to send in your entries for the YulgangSEA “I Had an Encounter with a Yulgang Ghost” Contest (, and don't forget to level up your characters beyond level-30 to meet the Banshee Mob. If should any of you met the "ghosts" during the viral campaign happened 2-weeks ago, do send in your "encounter" with them (pictures taken with them or video shots if any) and win great prizes!.

The Past 4-days of Interrupted Yulgang gameplay experience

Hmm...Due to unforseen circumstances, coudn't login to Yulgang servers here...frequently disconnected...

Read a blog entry ( which is quite funny and mind-opening...

Watching an american movie in a local cineplex.

American actor exclaimes : "Holy cow"

Malaysian audience: Kenapa mat salleh tu kata lembu suci??

American actor exclaimes: "Holy shit"

Malaysian audience: Kenapa mat salleh tu kata tahi suci??

American actor: "I think we need to make a break for it"!

Malaysian audience: Dia nak patah apa ah?

American Actor: "Your place or mine?"

Malaysian audience: Dia orang ni tada rumah kah?

What if Yulgang is in *BM...would it make any sense then when we play it in BM?...

*BM = Bahasa Malaysia, the official national language of Malaysia.

Praise be to Anime

Feature thought of the day...

Our shows who art on TV
Japanese be thy name
thy action come, thy Mangas Read In
America as their are in Japan
give us this day our daily show
and show others, as we ourselves were shown
and led to obsession
and deliver us into thine awesome hands
for thy drawing, thy shows and mangas
Japanimation ect japanimation

-Zak Smith-

Friday, July 10, 2009

YulgangSEA OBT Day 2

And I's everyone doing now with their quests in YulgangSEA?...Are you facing mounts of trouble finding the quest location and or the objectives of the job?...I face the same problems too, and all I can say is that patience is the key, LOTS of it...It may be repetitious and tedious at times, and borderline frustrating as well, but once the good things start dropping like flies and we're able to grab them at will, it's an accomplishment, and the satisfaction's there.

I found that playing in the wee-mornings at around 3-7am will be the best time to level up, FRANTICALLY...and get your HPs and KIs maxed out...


Objective: To find the Banshee Mob and if possible, The Damned Queen Yuna!!!

There's a contest going on, and it involves The Banshee Mob and the Queen Yuna...and this is what this blog is all about as well...well...during the past 3 weeks that is, or was, whatever, but please refer to this ...

It's detailed enough to let Yulgang gamers (IN MALAYSIA ONLY) to stand a chance to win some great prizes and at the same time have a fun time mingling with the "ghosts"...

Now, coming back to the leveling up part - make sure your character level is high enough so that you won't easily get killed during gameplay, and make sure your character is strong enough to make it through Central Valley during night-time (in the game) and face the Banshee Mob!

During this time while attacking the Banshee Mob, remember to capture a SCREENSHOT of your character WITH the Banshee Mob (as many of them in a picture as possible), OR better yet, a screencap of The Damned Queen Yuna!!!

Why go through all the fuss again?...

How's winning a 42" LCD TV just by playing YULGANGSEA sounds to you?...or an Apple iPhone?...or many more cash??? Sounds good?...why not you tell me?...

Also, there's an on-going levelling up system, called IP Bonus, and it's obtainable via @Cafe Cybercafes NATIONWIDE(Again, in MALAYSIA only)

The IP BONUS are:

EXP 20% Increment

Ki power increase by 1.5

Death EXP deduction decrease by 1%

Charm of Return Storage increase by +30

Don't let the in-game jargons fool's every bit worth your time playing YULGANGSEA...
Just look for THIS SIGN when you visit your nearest Cybercafes when you have the YULGANG itch...

List of @Cafe outlets can be found here:

And be sure to enter the contest as well...It's "I HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH A YULGANG GHOST" Contest!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

YulgangSEA OBT At 3pm Today!!! 9th July 2009!!!

Set your timers to 3pm today, warriors and pugilists...The Yulgang World goes OBT (Open Beta Testing) officially and welcomes you to more exciting adventures and massive level-ups, more items to purchase (hey, you've gotta spend your 20,000 Yulgang Cash, right?) and tonnes of fun stuff to discover.

While you're at it, try to make your way to find "El-Jackos" aka the Banshee Mob and take a screenshot of your character with them, and remember to post it back to the email below:
with the Entry title : "I HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH A YULGANG GHOST" *Contest
along with your particulars such as:

Asiasoft Passport Login ID:
YulgangSEA Login ID:
YulgangSEA IN-game-nick (IGN):
Contact no. :

Example of a screenshot-take:

Take note: The more Banshees inside the pix, the higher chances of winning! could submit a photo of YOU taken with the Ghosts – either the Banshee or The Damned Queen Yuna, or better still,both, from our roadshows, happening from 25th June till 9th July 2009 in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang & Johor.


Snappy 1.

Snappy 2.

After all the fuss and effort, y'all might stand a chance to win these fabulous prizes:
1st Prize - 42" LCD TV
2nd Prize - APPLE iPHONE
Plus 100 sets of YulgangSEA in-game items to be won!

Contest Period 1 : 9th – 19th July ’09
Contest Period 2 : 20th -31st July ‘09

Terms & Conditions Apply. Please visit for more details.

So make sure y'all are glued to your PCs at 3pm and start your adventure in the exciting world ofYulgangSEA!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Could It Be???....The GHOST of MJ???

*Possible Ghost of MJ (eyes and nose dropped off somewhere back home at Neverland) spotted here, whacking an archer senseless.
MJ Ghost: YIHEE!

IS the late *King of Pop still roaming his ranch in Neverland?

Nopey…he is still wandering around with a Banshee ghost…here in the Klang Valley!!!

A video of Michael Jackson's 'ghost', currently being widely circulated on the Internet, were also shown having “him” roaming the streets of the Klang Valley, crossing roads and walking furiously.

No one at the scene had noticed the supposed ghost, but plenty of ^KPCs were caught mouths gaping and stunned when they realized what hit them while having their meal. This 'ghost' video has garnered steady hits on YouTube (and the site now – crashed, due to the high traffic, and fans worldwide are debating whether the ghost of the late King of Pop is really haunting Neverland or being attracted to the famous foodstalls in the Klang Valley.

This apparent sighting is the latest in a slew of strange rumours to emerge following Jackson's death. Michael Jackson is not the first celebrity ghost to be spotted. A variety of the “POCONG” ghosts can be seen roaming the streets of Skudai, Bukit Mertajam and Ipoh as well.

The coffin was being taken to an unknown location and would not return to the cemetery in the Hollywood Hills where it had started the day. That, perhaps, made MJ hungry and anxious to pop out of his coffin and time-warped himself to be with a local “ghost” on a sight-seeing trip here in Malaysia, and passing on YULGANGSEA flyers and stickers as well.

*The story here is PURELY Fictitious, and were based on the facts and findings from the YulgangSEA archive. For more info, logon to for more details.

The Banshee Ghost and *Ghost of MJ roaming the streets of Klang Valley.

^KPCs- Keh Poh Chis, busybody in hokkien.

Attacking the Banshee MOB!!!

This is an exclusive first look at our one of YulgangSEA's GHOSTS, in-game, as the villainous Banshee Mob (Monster class).

Approaching the Banshee Mob.

...whoa...there's plenty of them...

Seriously, I'm afraid of 'em...T_T...

...They make my rage grow...

Baah!...I retaliate!...Smash!...Boom!...Bang!...Right on the kisser!

Eh...why am I crying ah?...I should be in rage...filled with anger and frustration!

Baah...The Banshee is jumping for joy thinking I will be the next victim...0_o.

The Banshee Mob...laughing at me because of my "feelers"...-_-"...

YulgangSEA Is Going OBT Tomorrow!!! 9th JULY 09

Folks...The time for waiting is almost over...the start of YulgangSEA Open Beta Testing commences tomorrow, 9th July 2009, at 3pm.

For those who had signed up earlier, you get to utilize your Yulgang Cash now (all 20,000 of it) and purchase the most desirable in-game items at the Cash Shop in the Yulgang World.

What’s more, you will get to keep your in-game nick (IGN) when you reach Level-20, plus whatever purchased-items during gameplay.
That means you will get to keep what you purchased inside your character’s inventory.
How’s that for a head-start in your conquest of the Yulgang world? It's our way of welcoming all to the mystical of martial law and fantasy...Welcome to the World of YulgangSEA!!!

Here are some suggestions of what to purchase at Cash Shop with your 20,000 Yulgang Cash!!!

The Recommended & Top 10 Most Desirable Items that you can purchase with your 20,000 Yulgang Cash at YulgangSEA Cash Shop:

1. Healing Salve Package (Restores health to maximum)

2. Ginseng (Restores CHI (mana) power to maximum)

3. Lion's Roar ('SHOUT' function tool – useful for summoning the clan or to let everyone hear you)

4. Pill of Combat Discipline (Increases attacking powers by 10% for 1 hour)

5. Hair Dye (Changes your character’s hair color, prefect for matching the style you want)

6. Charm of Transport (The ability to teleport to a selected house member)

7. Elixir of Infinite CHI (Doubles the amount of CHI)

8. Chromatic Pill (Attack & Defense Increases by +10%, Weapon +2, Armor +1, increase health by 300 for 1 hour)

9. The Great Absolute Pill (Attack & Defense increases by +15%, Health & Mana +300 and +10% EXP for 4 hours)

10. Fluoride Enhance Charm (Randomly enchants armor or weapon from +1 to +3, and protects equipment if failed)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yulgang Ghosts Sighted in KUALA LUMPUR. Part 3

2 Clueless Ghosts BUKIT BINTANG Area.

The Banshee: " Err...Where is everybody?..."
Queen Yuna: " Running away from us, you twerp!"

Srsly...where IS everybody?...