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Thursday, July 2, 2009

YulgangSEA goes OBT on 9th July 2009

This just in...

"Due to the fast forwarding of our game availability, there will no longer be an extension for Closed Beta Testing from 1st to 7th July."


That means, all pugilists of the YulgangSEA world have to be patient as the game developers weed out the faulty bugs and inconsistent errors of the game found during CBT (Closed Beta Testing) gameplay. As it turns out, the CBT gameplay session did uncover a lot of problems, to which at one point making the game almost unplayable. To ensure the game's reputation and smooth playability, the CBT session has been halted for game maintenance and will greet the world again on 9th of July 2009.

As a token of appreciation to *YulgangSEA players and fans, when the game goes OBT (Open Beta Testing, 9th JULY 09) status, there will be surprises and a contest (*Available in MALAYSIA only) with fantastic prizes plus in-game items.
Just stay tuned to find out more...and it's gonna be creepy all over again!

*Contest and YulgangSEA specials applicable and available in MALAYSIA only.

In the mean while, continue with the spookiness, senseless stares and mindless scares...creeping to a *town, city and district near you!

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