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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All Souls Day Month Featuring - The DAMNED QUEEN YUNA & THE BANSHEE GHOST!!!

Since its the spooky month of the year in the CHINESE calendar, what better way to embrace the ghastly settings and spookiness by featuring again the stars of Yulgang (A campaign launched a couple months back) running the streets and getting "caught" on pictures as well. Beware though, these pictures may deceive you. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And, if you're not down with that, The Damned Queen Yuna and Banshee ghost here got 2 WORDS For Ya: "Whack Us!!!!" the Yulgang game itself!!!

PS: Apreciated the fact that Yulgang Fans visit this blog to view some interesting posts, however, please do not hack the contents here or this blogsite. Come on, what good would you get outta hacking this site?...It's meant to be fun for every pugilists, so enjoy the game and this blog and don't hack it. TQ!

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