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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cash Shop is finally open!

The Cash Shop is finally open! Those who are new to @Cash can check out this guide on using and accessing the Yulgang Cash Shop. Enjoy and happy playing!

OK. For the record, we pugilists waited long and hard for the cash shop to open its doors (literally) in Yulgang world. What can we purchase inside the cash shop?...well...I've pumped enough @Cash into my account and converted a significant amount of it into Yulgang Cash to buy some pretty darn interesting items for my NEW character! I'm done with the dying and all the @$$-whooping dished out to me by the monsters. Check out my new-do with my new character!

Oh yeah, the scenes taken here is to remind all that Mooncake Festival is this coming weekend (On Saturday), so feel free to run around with a lantern in the real world or meetup with "me" in the Yulgang world, perhaps show-off some brand new items that you guys bought from the Cash Shop and see what we can do with all the brand new bling!

Cash Shop Items currently available for purchase (Which I find interesting and worth a buy):

For the girls:
Red Ocean Bikini
Sky Ocean Bikini
Ice-Skater Costume (Didn't see this coming at ALL!)

The the guys:
Hip-hop Star Costume
Pet-Leopard (comes in the form of an egg, unhatched yet. DANG! Never knew leopards come from eggs...-_-")
Pet-Tiger (again, EGGS!)

Plus loads more interesting stuff to purchase for much more enhanced gameplay, which certainly gives a much more surprising experience in the Yulgang World.
(For a complete list of items available for purchase from the Cash Shop,
now to find out more!)

I'm decked with EMPEROR's suit and all-sorts of doo-hickies...yet to know what is which, but will learn all when I've completed the quests. DANG! It's back to square one all over again, but at least I'm primed to go the distance now!!!

Check me out!

Oh yeah, say HI! or Cuckoo to our ol' friend here!

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