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Monday, June 22, 2009

Yulgang Online 热血江湖

The Story

In the Center of the World where the Central Valley lies, people gathered to be trained in martial arts and skills progression to strengthen their body and soul. Through sparring and sharing of knowledge, they slowly formed into groups which lead to formation of Houses.

With different beliefs and backgrounds, houses started to segregate into 2 main groups called, “The Order” and “The Chaos”. The Order, who had gathered their forces in a large House, named JungMu School which managed to overwhelm the Chaos and took over most parts of the Central Valley.

During the same period, JungMu School executed a massacre on UnHwa Guild to seize control of the large marketplace in Central Valley and profits controlled by the Guild. Moments before the death of the UnHwa Guild Master, he pledges his son who was later renamed as Darksky to swore revenge on those who abuse their power in the name of ‘Order’.

Set on a conquest to strengthen himself, Darksky came to the Sacred Land in search of the Great Treasure. Through chances, Darksky was able to steal the legendary Holy Blade also known as the Red Dragon Blade from Mah of the Sword who was then the most powerful man, in possession of both Holy Blade and Cursed Sword (2 of the 8 Great Treasures of the Land). During his journey, Darksky also befriended the Lord of the Northern Ice Palace.

With his prized Holy Blade and superior skills, Darksky returns to Central Valley and wreck havoc on The Order, forcing them to exile. Darksky went on to establish his Palace of the Darksky which serves as headquarters for the Chaos faction, called himself The Lord of the Darksky, with an ultimate goal to dominate the entire Martial Arts realm. In the meanwhile, Mah of the Sword made a presence in Central Valley in an attempt to retrieve his Holy Blade only to encounter members of The Order who had undergone secret training and returned to assist their comrades. After some fierce fights, the 5 Order members also known as the Five Pillars claimed victory over Mah.

The Cursed Sword was handled to its new owner, one of the Five Pillars, named the Sword Emperor of Shinwoo.

Under the Five Pillars; Sword Emperor, Blade Lord, Healing Anchorite, Strange Beggar and Crafting Hands, the Order made a strong comeback and started retaliating against the Chaos. Other martial factions also seek their opportunities to enter the scene for supreme control.

This gives rise to a whole new tension for power arises between The Order, The Chaos and the new Martial Factions.

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