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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Revelation of The Ghost Sightings in Petaling Jaya Part 1


Possible Area to find this entity: Hyun Bal - Central Valley
available now in CBT (Closed Beta Testing) mode from

1st July
09 at 5pm


7th JULY
09 at 1am.

These cursed beings were once living, breathing individuals that were killed and were left wandering the earth in spirit-form. It is said that their jealousy now consumes them and this causes them to attack humans to consume their flesh. Beware if their ghastly existence as well as their level-25 status as they are a formidable force to be reckon with and not to be approached (literally) lightly.

The Banshee - Waiting for your return to Yulgang Online world...even in real life!

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