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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From a GhostFace Killah to an Angel (Quite Literally)...

Hi ALL!!! I returned as a spanking new NINJA character now!!!

And POOF! I changed my costume! (Available via CASH SHOP) Check out my new hairdo and hair-piece!

Ain't it cute?...A MOUSIE!!!...AAAaaaaaaand...I really have no idea what's the purpose, but it looked CUTE!

I'm gorgeous!

AAAaaaaaaaand POOF! Check out my brand new HAWAIIAN OUTFIT!!!

Don't I look nasty with twin-daggers and in my spanking new HAWAIIAN outfit???

Check out my nasty look in the all new Winter Coat! Don't mess with the Princess!!!

TeeHEEHEE!!! I'm Sooooooooo gorgeous!

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