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Monday, August 10, 2009

*Live and Let Die

After "dying" and "re-spawning" for a gazillion times in bringing all pugilists these exclusive pictures, I am so sick of "dying" by the touch of those NPC monsters and without retaliating that I now just attempt to run away from all these NPCs and just continue to run wild and free in this weird mystical world of Yulgang. I chanced upon discovering this new gate near the entrance to the CHAOS clan at West-side of the map and saw a great big billboard on top of the gate. In chinese, this term "生死有命" which literally and loosely translated as Nature Will Have its Cause got me thinking...In order to get these nice exclusive pictures, I pondered... worth my time and effort or not "dying" so many times to chance up with these special pictures?...
I guess so...and i reckon this worth every bit of my time scouring the Yulgang world.
It's sort of fated for my character to "die" so many times and sacrificed a lot to get these exclusive screenshots. Oh well, sometimes the NPC monsters here would live and let live, but I still prefer to live and let die in anticipation of much better things to come in the form of unexpected surprises.

Nature will have its course...and "I" am standing right in the middle of it.

The ONLY time my character need not to "die" in order to get this screenshot.

Savior every moment of's an epic picture.

Bah...what the heck...I might as well strike a pose as a sign of VICTORY for staying alive at this stage of time and gameplay.

*Live and Let Die (novel), a James Bond novel by Ian Fleming,
the eighth spy film in the James Bond series, and the first to star Roger Moore as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond.

*Live and Let Die was also Guns N' Roses 90's smash hit released as the second single from Use Your Illusion I album.

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